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I think I became a social worker when I was around 10 years old. I watched my immigrant dad give away one of our vehicles to another family, a family much less fortunate than ours, but worthy and vulnerable, nonetheless. This other family was very impoverished and they, too, had children and the parents worked and they lived close by to us on Riverfront Road. They really were not too different from my household. However, they did not have a car and we had an extra one, so I witnessed their humble gratitude and appreciation and I saw that a small or big gesture of kindness and goodwill can truly change the path for someone. That is exactly how I see counseling today. There is an amazing and talented group of therapists here at Southland Counseling, who are passionate and skilled and have the ability to help and be the support for change for others. We are all here to make that happen alongside you. 

Jessica Jaramillo, LCSW/Owner


Jessica Jaramillo


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