We thrive on helping people through the challenging times in their lives. The truest measure of whether we are succeeding is the way people talk about our practice.

Christopher D. Whitsell, LCSW

Owner/Therapist Whitsell Counseling & Supervision, LLC

"I'd like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about the nature of my collegial relationship with Jessica and her team! I had previously been blessed to know Jessica in a prior working relationship where I got to see this wonderfully genuine, humanistic person in action! Since then, Jessica has provided ongoing professional encouragement and consultation as I have developed my own counseling practice at Whitsell Counseling & Supervision, LLC in Danville, KY. Jessica has offered her ear on many, many occasions with her altruistic spirit and understanding that as she builds and expands upon her successful practice, the simultaneous assistance to others doing the same has an overall cumulative positive impact on all human beings! Her advice and direction is consistently accurate and has led to my own success in my community and has led to my ability to help others in this same way. I attribute the confidence and wherewithal to sustain the early trials of building a practice in large part to Jessica's support. Furthermore, Jessica and her team have responded to my client referrals in timely and very effective clinical ways. I have received much positive feedback from the parents of children/adolescents I have referred to Jessica's practice which has led to an even greater synergetic spirit between us.

As a mental health professional, having served in senior administrative capacities in 2 large state-level community mental health centers across Kentucky over 27 years as well as from my current perspective as a full-time private practice owner, I would wholeheartedly refer anyone either seeking therapy services as well as anyone seeking consultative services in the field to Jessica and her team! Jessica is a person who genuinely cares deeply about ALL fellow human beings and has, from my experiences and perspective, dedicated her life in a humanistic manner... the likes of which our world needs so much more of at this time!"

Linda McGinnis, MA, MSW, LCSW

CEO, Access Wellness Group, Inc.

"I have referred several children of clients I see to Jessica over the years and have yet to have a single parent come back to me and say that she wasn’t helpful or that their child/adolescent/teen didn’t want to go back for their next appointment. ALL of the parents who have offered feedback about Jessica have thanked me for giving them her name. This speaks volumes about her effectiveness as a clinician as well as her ability to connect with different personalities. Other therapists and Nurse Practitioners in our practice here in Lexington refer to her as well. I’m confident I speak for all of us when I say we hope she continues to do the marvelous work she does for at least another 50 years…..okay, 30 years anyway. Thank you, Jessica. As we say in our profession, keep on doing the good work!"

Tina Thompson, MS, RDN, LD, CEDRD-S

Eating Disorders Specialist, Registered Dietitian

"I have worked with Jessica Jaramillo for over 4 years. Our mutual clients suffer primarily from anxiety, depression, OCD, and eating disorders. There are many reasons why I refer my clients to Jessica.

I appreciate the fact that Jessica collaborates and recognizes the importance of working together. She cares about each client which shows in their outcomes. Her style is relatable. She is upbeat yet empathetic, direct yet gentle. Parents also appreciate being involved in the team rather than feeling helpless. Her practice setting is also comfortable and relaxed which folks love. I highly recommend Jessica for the great work she does. "

Tina Studts, Ph.D., LCSW

"Finding the right therapist can be really difficult – there are so many things to consider. Does this person have the skills required to help me? Will she understand me? Will she really care? As an LCSW myself, I know how important all three of these things are in finding a therapist who will work well with you. And I can say three things with confidence about Jessica: (1) She is extraordinarily skilled as a therapist, having mastered multiple evidence-based therapy approaches and continuing to build her expertise as evidence emerges about new skills; (2) She is an open-minded person with the capacity to hear and understand you, whatever is happening in your life; and (3) She cares deeply about her profession and her responsibility to her clients. For all of these reasons, I’ve been fortunate to work professionally with Jessica for several years, and I trust her to not only provide treatment to clients directly, but to supervise others who are working with children and families."

Julia Bennington, MSW, LCSW

FCPS School Social Worker, Lafayette High School

"Jessica and her team at Southland Counseling are outstanding. Period. They are discreet, well-trained, compassionate and sensible; all of these are key factors in choosing a therapist. I never have to worry about making referrals to Southland Counseling when my students and families are in crisis or just need guidance and support when dealing with day-to-day struggles and/or mental health challenges ~ Jessica and her team always get my kiddos in right away, no waitlist nor do I have to feel the need to follow-up to be sure treatment has started…they are always prompt and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone I know to Southland Counseling, either as individuals, families or for marriage help. In addition, all of the therapists there are equally comfortable working with various developmental levels and age groups.

Professionally, I have known Jessica J. for many years and can say that I’m always impressed with her wisdom, optimism, and kindness. Her positive energy and dynamic, solution-centered approach creates a safe setting for true growth for clients. I have not found a more honest, hardworking, smart, and empathic person with whom I have had the pleasure and confidence to refer my students and families to for over a decade! KEEP IT ROCKIN’ Southland Counseling!"

Gabriel Brown, MSW

"Southland Child, Adult, and Family Counseling is an exceptional resource and partner for our school, but more importantly an incredible provider of mental health services. I have collaborated with several of their therapists in the best interests of our students, and have always been impressed with their professionalism, clinical knowledge, and consistency. We see the immense impact of mental health issues on learning and social-emotional well-being on a daily basis, and while we have services in-house, it is not always best for the individual or the issue. Southland therapists have assisted our students through the loss of a loved one, periods of depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD, and helped others with self-esteem building and the development of coping skills. I can say without a doubt that Southland Child, Adult, and Family Counseling is a quality clinical provider of mental health treatment for our students and families."

Gloria Okorley BSN, RN-BC

Nurse Manager/Ambulatory Pediatrics, UK Healthcare

"I have had the pleasure of working with a caring, dedicated, and hard-working therapist. I trusted her with my patients. She is a very authentic person who is truly ready to help. Everyone I recommended to see Jessica is never disappointed. I look back now and remember a scene that played itself out many times when someone asked me to recommend a therapist who their child will be comfortable with. The only name that came out was Jessica’s and I had her number memorized. Her continued love to help people makes her an asset to the Mental Health field."

Leslie Maynard, BSN, MSN, PMHNP-BC

"I am truly honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Jessica Jaramillo, LCSW. Clients consistently tell me she is easy to talk to, down to earth, challenges them in ways they know are beneficial, and cares about their success. For these reasons, I have and will continue to refer clients to her. Jessica is an amazing mental health professional and I cannot say enough good things about her or her love for helping others."