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 Thank you for visiting our site. Southland Child, Adult, and Family Counseling began in 2016. It was a dream of mine to have a community/neighborhood counseling practice, to be a place for schools to refer their students to, and for individuals, whether they are children, adults, or families, to know they can find quality mental health counseling close to home. That dream began with one therapist and today there are 11 therapists; all passionate, skilled, and educated, to provide so many effective approaches with each person. 

  As our name reflects, we focus on clinical needs for all ages: young children, school-aged children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. We offer day, evening, and Saturday sessions, to support diverse individual and family needs. And when we say ALL people are welcome at our counseling practice to find their healing, we do mean ALL. The only exceptions would be if anyone is seeking treatment for an area that is not within our scope of practice or expertise and we would then provide appropriate referrals for your support elsewhere. We are here to support and guide you, with a competent team of mental health therapists. Each therapist has a variety of specialties and expertise and we are determined to find the right fit for you. The most important part of a therapeutic relationship is the trust, confidence, and support you and your therapist will share.

   Again, thank you for visiting our website. Please call our office at 859-285-2959 to inquire about or begin counseling services. We currently provide telehealth and in-person options and accept most insurance plans or private pay. Thank you so much. ~Jessica Jaramillo, owner

Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents are resilient. We’ve all heard this statement so many times. However, a global pandemic that has resulted in constant personal, social, and academic changes, have contributed to even more challenges and more difficulties for so many. An increase in anxiety, depression, grief for the life that was once there, and an increase in screens and virtual capacities have created even more challenges for children and adolescents. We are here to help. Our skilled and trained clinicians utilize a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities, in order to give children the right tools for their improved mental health.


There are adults who have been overwhelmed by a global pandemic and the many financial, social, emotional, and physical changes that have resulted. Other adults have a history of a trauma or traumas and life sometimes seems and feels like a constant trigger. Parents have been forced to change their roles as employees and caregivers and the stress and responsibilities may seem excessive. Our team is here to help. With trained therapists, we are here to help you on your journey of stability, confidence, and growth.


Families are defined by however you define your family to be. We will always honor that. Our goal is to strengthen and support your family and sometimes a skilled and supportive therapist can help you get to that goal. Several therapists have specialties in a variety of effective family-based treatment modalities. 

People are resilient and positive change happens all of the time. We would love to be on that journey with you. We provide counseling services to children, adults, and families, who are facing difficult challenges in life.